Talking Elephant


Shelagh McDonald is a Scottish folk singer, songwriter and guitarist who released two albums before her abrupt and mysterious disappearance in 1971.

This, her debut album was originally released on the Mooncrest label.

On her albums, she was backed up by many notables within the English folk-rock scene, including Richard Thompson, Dave Mattacks, Danny Thompson, Keith Tippett, Keith Christmas and the Fotheringay rhythm section.

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1. Mirage
2. Look Over The Hill And Far Away
3. Crusoe
4. Waiting For The Wind To Rise
5. Ophelia’s Song
6. Richmond
7. Let No Man Steal Your Thyme
8. Peacock Lady
9. Silk And Leather
10. You Know You Can’t Lose
11. Ophelia’s Song
12. Jesus Is Just Right
13. Book Of Rhyme
14. What More Can I Say
15. The City’s Cry (demo 1)
16. The City’s Cry (demo 1)
17. Rod’s Song (demo)