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From The Vaults: 1968-1974

Stan Webb’s Chicken Shack album of unreleased live and studio outtakes is taken from the vaults of guitarist and band founder Stan Webb. This is an historic glimpse of the band performing in its earliest incarnation.

Highlights include vocalist Christine Perfect (aka McVie) on “When the Train Comes Back,” Webb’s Freddie King influence on “San Ho Zay,” and several cover versions of songs from Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Wilson Pickett and B.B. King. From the Vaults provides fans the opportunity to hear this seminal British blues group in its 1968-1974 prime.

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1. Midnight Hour
2. When The Train Comes Back
3. Nightlife
4. It’s OK With Be Baby
5. Tell Me
6. Telling Your Fortune
7. Strange Things Happening
8. Side Tracked
9. Lonesome Whistle Blues
10. The Letter
11. Mean Old World
12. Tired Eyes
13. My Mood
14. You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now
15. Every Day I Have The Blues
16. Waiting For You
17. San Ho Zay
18. It’ll Be Me
19. Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey