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Green And Blues: A Tribute To Peter Green

Green and Blues (Tribute To Peter Green) is a studio album by former Whitesnake guitar player Bernie Marsden, released in 1995.

Bernie Marsden has achieved a great album on two counts with Green And Blues. One it's a great tribute to the talent of Peter Green and two, its a damn good album regardless. Bernie M is a great guitarist and he really puts a lot of feeling into this album and really shows his empathy for Green and his music.

15 Classic Peter Green tracks wi5tgh that Bernie Marsden feel

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1. Hideaway
2. Don’t Want No Woman
3. If You Be My Baby
4. Little Girl
5. Rollin’ Man
6. Merry Go Round
7. Watch Out
8. Snowy Wood
9. My Heart Beats Like Hammer
10. Shake Your Money Maker
11. Love That Burns
12. The Welfare (turns Its Back On You)
13. Steppin’ In
14. The Supernatural
15. Man Of The World