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Gryphon were one of the more unusual of the folk-rock groups to come out of England in the 1970s, mostly because they didn’t confine their musical genre-melding to folk-rock. Spawned at the Royal College of Music, they started out making a name for themselves in folk-rock, but their classical training and their approach to composition, recording, and performance soon took them into the much bigger field of progressive rock, and eventually had them playing gigs in front of arena-size audiences.

This is the band’s first album originally released in 1973 now remastered and available for the first time in awhile.

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1. Kemp’s Gig
2. Sir Gavin Grimbold
3. Touch & Go
4. Three Jolly Butchers
5. Pastime With Good Company
6. The Unquiet Grave
7. Estampie
8. Crossing The Stiles
9. The Astrologer
10. Tea Wrecks
11. Juniper Suite
12. The Devil And The Farmer’s Wife