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Live At The Royal Festival Hall

Osibisa are a Ghanaian Afrobeat band, founded in London in 1969 by four expatriate African and three Caribbean musicians. Their music is a fusion of African, Caribbean, jazz, funk, rock, Latin, and R&B. They were one of the first African-heritage bands to become widely popular and linked with the establishment of world music

Live at the Royal Festival Hall captures the bands lively and exciting music and features their mopst loved hit Sunshine Day. Recorded in 1977 before a sold out venue.

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1. The Dawn
2. Welcome Home
3. Ayiko Bia
4. Living Loving Feeling
5. Woyaya
6. Spirits Up Above


1. Kelele
2. Fire
3. Music For Gong Gong
4. Beautiful Seven Y Sharp
5. Sunshine Day
6. Encore – Survival