Talking Elephant

Real Faith

Known for their days in Whitesnake, Bernie & Mickey prove here that good old fashioned blues/rock is still King, having co-wrote the best tracks that Whitesnake ever did. Originally released in 1995 as the album, ‘Ozone Friendly’, this version has been revamped and extra tracks inserted.

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1. Awakening, My Kind Of Woman
2. Real Faith
3. Ozone Friendly
4. Louisa
5. Six Down And One To Go
6. Fooling With My Heart
7. Someday
8. Silver On Her Person
9. Can’t Ever Happen To You
10. Miles Back To Hell
11. I Got A Mind To Get Even
12. Kinda Wish You Would
13. All Revved Up
14. I’ll Sing The Blues
15. Genauso (Good Connection)