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Rock The Blues Tonight

Two disc set, well over two hours long, with 14 previously unreleased live performances from Canada in 1970-71. Musical friends guesting on this blues extravaganza include Harvey Mandell, Freddy Robinson, Sugarcane Harris & Keef Hartley. Mayall selected the tracks himself and wrote the extensive li ner notes, as well as including personal photos for the booklet. Tracks include ‘Don’t Bring Me Down’, ‘Crying’ and ‘Rock The Blues Tonight’. Double slimline jewel case.

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1. You Must Be Crazy
2. My Pretty Girl
3. Possessive Emotions
4. Crazy
5. Took The Car
6. Blue Fox
7. Devil’s Tricks
8. Don’t Bring Me Down


1. Took The Car
2. Crying
3. Possessive Emotions
4. Won’t Have To Worry
5. Rock The Blues Tonight
6. Goodtime Stomp