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Shackleton’s Endurance

Shackleton’s Endurance, the follow-up album to ‘Dr.Syn & The Scarecrow’ is now completed, and is to be released this Spring 2016, to coincide with the centenary of Shackleton reaching civilisation after being trapped on floating pack ice in the Antarctic. Sir Ernest Shackleton embarked on his Great Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition on the eve of The First World War.

What began as the intended first crossing of the Antarctic continent became instead the most amazing rescue story – the Apollo 13 of its day. The first performance of one of the album’s songs, ‘The Last Great Adventure’ took place at the 2014 Vigo Inn Folk n’ Ale Festival. The song features the banjo (no banjo jokes please!), referencing Shackleton’s meteorologist banjo player Leonard Hussey. When the crew were forced to leave personal belongings behind, Hussey was encouraged to bring his banjo to improve morale. (Like I say no banjo jokes please!).

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01. The Prologue
02. The Last Great Adventure Part 1
03. 76 58s – Drifting
04. The Last Great Adventure Part 2
05. Packing Up
06. Moving Off
07. Wheat From The Chaff (the Photo Debate)
08. The Penguin March
09. The Sinking Of Endurance
10. The Boss
11. Take To The Boats/out Of The Frying Pan
12. Emily
13. Elephant Island And South Georgia
14. The Last Final Mountain – Prelude
15. The Toboggan Run – Introduction
16. The Toboggan Run
17. The Toboggan Run – The Landing
18. The Last Final Mountain
19. The Epilogue