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Silly Wizard

The debut album from Scottish folkers Silly Wizard for the first time on CD to give you a taste of the past in all it’s glory!

Silly Wizard were a Scottish folk band that began forming in Edinburgh in 1970. The founder members were two like-minded university students – Gordon Jones and Bob Thomas. In January 1972 the name “Silly Wizard” was chosen and the continuing stream of bookings ensured that the name became permanent. In September 1972, they recruited a rather youthful Johnny Cunningham.

In December 2012, Silly Wizard was inducted into the Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame.

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Disc One

1. Pibroch
2. Jenny Gray’s Whiskey
3. Wind That Shakes The Barley/ The Ale Is Dear
4. Carlisle Wall
5. My Love’s In Germany
6. Election Jig
7. The Heron Election Ballad No. 4
8. Atholl Braes / The Drunken Piper
9. The Shearing
10. The Fairy Dance
11. Land O’ The Leal