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Statues And Liberties

Statues & Liberties is the last solo album recorded by Lindisfarne front man Alan Hull. He died on 17 November 1995 before work on the album had been completed.Talking Elephant Records re-releases this classic for fans to hear once again and newly remastered.

Finished and released a year later on Transatlantic many have rated this his best work ever. The album also features a re-working of Drug Song from his Pipedream album.

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1. Statues And Liberties
2. Walk A Crooked Mile
3. Cardboard Christmas Boxes
4. Treat Me Kindly
5. 100 Miles To Liverpool
6. Money
7. This Heart Of Mine
8. Long Way From Home
9. When The Gun Goes Down
10. Hoi Poloi
11. Save Yourself
12. Drug Song