Talking Elephant


When Pink Floyd recorded Arnold Layne in a converted Chelsea abattoir in 1967, their producer Joe Boyd was also working in an adjoining studio with another band. The former Young Contemporaries Jugband, renamed the Purple Gang (for “the whole rhythm section” in Jailhouse Rock) seemed to have a gem in Granny Takes a Trip. The Floyd’s Syd Barrett thought it would be a hit and John Peel called it “one of the all-time great records” ? but the BBC had other ideas and promptly banned it, even though the trip referred not to LSD but to an old lady’s ambition to visit Hollywood.

With its honky-tonk piano, homemade jug taking the bass line and one of pop’s great kazoo solos, Granny remains an innocent, timeless reminder of the first summer of love.

This 50th Anniversary version features bonus tracks including 2 versions of the Syd Barrett song Boon Tune which he suggested to the band they should use as a follow up to Granny Takes a Trip.

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1. Auntie Monica
2. Bootleg Whisky
3. Viola Lee Blues
4. The Wizard
5. Mr Aldred Jones
6. Granny Takes A Trip
7. Overseas Stomp
8. Freightliner
9. The Sheik
10. Rising Sun
11. Kiss Me Goodnight Sally Green
12. Carlo’s Circus
13. Madam Judge
14. Brown Shoes
15. The King Comes Riding
16. Boon Tune Version 1
17. Boon Tune Version 2 Acoustic