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That’s The Way We Are

Chicken Shack were, like Fleetwood Mac, Savoy Brown, Climax Blues Band and others, one of the early British blues bands. Formed in 1965, they had a long residency at Hamburg's famed Star Club.

The original members included guitarist/vocalist Stan “The Man” Webb, and vocalist Christine Perfect The band's debut album, ''Forty Blue Fingers”, also available on Talking Elephant, was releasedl in 1968, and for the next couple of years, they were, together with Fleetwood Mac, at the forefront of the British blues boom. They released a further three albums, ''O.K.Ken”, ''100 Ton Chicken” and ''Accept” for Blue Horizon before moving over to Deram in 1972.

Stan (The Man) Webb went on to release s “That's The Way We Are”, during the late seventies under the heading of Stan Webb's Chicken Shack. This is the first time on CD for this album and has been a rarity for some time.

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