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The Very Best of Ridgeriders: Songs Of The Southern Landscape From The Television Series

The album is a collaboration album between Phil Beer, Ashley Hutchings and Chris While. It is part soundtrack to the TV series and live recordings from a concert held in 2001. The album also features guests, The Albion Band and Julie Matthews.

The original first album was a concept album, as it was a “journey” album that would be played on a journey around Southern England, making it similar to another of Phil Beer’s albums, Show of Hands’ The Path.

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1. Shapes On The Landscape
2. The Work Of The Devil
3. Along The Downs
4. The Drovers Song
5. Turnpike Reel
6. Close Your Eyes (live)
7. Low Southern Slopes
8. What Celia Sees (live)
9. Up The Crooked Spires/ General Ward (live)
10. Never Without A Thief Or Twain
11. To Be A Pilgrim (live)
12. Along The Pilgrim’s Way (live)
13. Michael Morey’s Hump (live)
14. Mossing We’ll Go (live)
15. Up On The Ridgeway
16. Smuggler’s Road (live)
17. Betteshanger Treasure
18. Dorset Cursus
19. Row Of Pines (live)
20. The Cursus Of Bignor (live)
21. Tan Hill Fair (live)
22. All-seeing Stour (live)
23. Rosa (live)
24. Am A Humble Bridge (live)
25. Robber’s Roost (live)
26. Ill Omens (live)
27. High And Wild Places (live)