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100 Ton Chicken

Chicken Shack was actually not far behind Fleetwood Mac in popularity in the late '60s, purveying a more traditional brand of Chicago blues, heavily influenced by Freddie King. Although guitarist Stan Webb took most of the songwriting and vocal duties, Christine Perfect also chipped in with occasional compositions and lead singing.

Chicken Shack were very popular for a time in the late '60s, placing two albums in the British Top 20. '100 Ton Chicken' was released in November 1969.

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1. Road Of Love
2. Look Ma I’m Crying
3. Evelyn
4. Reconsider Baby
5. Weekend Love
6. Midnight Hour
7. Tears In The Wind
8. Horse & Cart
9. Way It Is
10. Still Worned About My Woman
11. Anji
12. The Things You Put Me Through
13. Night Life