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“Seven” is the seventh studio album by the Canterbury associated band Soft Machine, originally released in 1973. The album is the last Softs release with a numbered title and also the last released by Columbia.

Mike Ratledge composed a trio of connected tracks for Seven, a mini-suite beginning with the modal 9/8 “Day’s Eye,” including a solo feature for him to cut loose with his patented fuzz organ tone, bridging through the brief burst of “Bone Fire” to the truly heavy “Tarabos,” its bass/keyboard vamp pulling upward and resolving at skewed points along an 18-beat sequence while Jenkins solos wildly with a signal splitter on his horn.

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1. Nettle Bed
2. Carol Ann
3. Day’s Eye
4. Bone Fire
5. Tarabos
6. D.J.S.
7. Snodland
8. Penny Hitch
9. Block
10. Down The Road
11. The German Lesson
12. The French Lesson