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Chicken Shack was actually not far behind Fleetwood Mac in popularity in the late ’60s, purveying a more traditional brand of Chicago blues, heavily influenced by Freddie King. Although guitarist Stan Webb took most of the songwriting and vocal duties, Christine Perfect (later to join Fleetwood Mac) also made several important compositions to the album

Accept was released in 1970 and this release features 8 bonus tracks

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1. Dairy Of Your Life
2. Pocket
3. Never Ever
4. Sad Clown
5. Maudie
6. Telling Your Fortune
7. Tired Eyes
8. Some Other Time
9. Going Round
10. Andalucian Blues
11. You Knew You Did You Did
12. She Didn’t Use Her Loaf
13. Apple Tart
14. Get Like You Used To Be
15. Hey Baby
16. I’d Rather Go Blind
17. It’s OK With Me Baby
18. Midnight Hour
19. Tears In The Wind
20. The Things You Put Me Through
21. When My Left Eye Jumps