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An Hour With Cecil Sharp & Ashley Hutchings

Available October 30th, pre-order now

Ashley Hutchings goes on a virtual journey back to meet Cecil Sharp, the pioneer of collecting folk songs and dances in England and America.

A mixture of talking and songs intermixed with original cylinder recordings from Cecil Sharp house. Ashley will be touring this show during 2021 in theatres across the land.

Musicians Martin Carthy, guitar and vocals; Richard Thompson, guitar Dave Whetstone, concertina, one row melodeon, guitar The Cylinders Very little is known about the cylinder recordings used on this recording. The original cylinders, from which they were taken, were found mostly unlabelled and in a dilapidated condition at Cecil Sharp House. They were made by Cecil Sharp and Ralph Vaughan Williams and date from the very early years of the 20th century.

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Disc One

1. Among The New Moss Hay
2. Sharp Arrives
3. Among The New Mown Hay
4. Hutchings Introduces Sharp
5. Bushes And Briars
6. Sharp Avoids Being Killed By A Gypsy
7. Banks Of The Nile
8. Evolution Of A Folk Song
9. Sharp Opens His Case
10. Jig
11. Sharps Illnesses
12. Cylinder Recording
13. Sharp Finds Lunch
14. Cylinder Whistling
15. Bicycle Travel
16. Hutchings Offers An Opinion
17. Rambling Sailor
18. Sharp Muses On John Short And The Sea
19. Rambling Sailor
20. Richard Digance And British Telecom
21. Sharp Continues
22. Black Joke
23. Cylinder Recordings
24. Sharp And Fiddlers
25. All My Chickens Have Gone
26. Adventures In The Appalachians
27. The Banks Of Green Willow
28. Turtle Dove
29. Sharp Laments
30. Turtle Dove
31. Turtle Dove Instrumental
32. Hutchings Sums Up
33. Among The New Mown Hay