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Ayres that Meades and Pastures Fill

Rebec were formed in the early 1970s by Bob Cross and John Senior who wrote their own songs in the renaissance style using guitars, recorders and renaissance flute. In 1975 Mike Billington joined forces with Bob and there ensued some fifteen years collaboration during which the duo performed at folk clubs, concerts, theatre, festivals, TV and radio. The sound was to become augmented by violin and ‘cello and later, scored in six parts for strings/recorders, voice & guitar. The influence for the songs and instrumentation was deeply rooted in the England of the 16th and 17th centuries and the band were booked for the York Early Music Festival and also for civil war re-enactment events.

Rebec performed from 1975 to 1990 with various line ups but the central core was to remain Bob and Mike. Violinists and ‘cellists came and went but a stable line up emerged with the arrival of Anne Wride and Bob and Anne were later to marry. Her classical training was a great benefit to the arrangements of the material and her skill in mastering violin, viola da gamba as well as keyboards and woodwinds were an undoubted asset. Rebec were to play many gigs and festivals with this lineup and eventually were offered a recording deal with Plant Life Records. However, by that time the impetus of the band was waning and Bob, Mike and Anne decided to call it a day and go their separate ways.

Rebec’s live appearances came predominantly from the folk clubs of the North West and Cheshire but they were also seen at festivals, concerts, university fresher’s events and also, occasionally, in theatre. Pehaps the band’s finest hour was being invited to represent England, along with Kathryn Tickell, at the 1990 International Folk Festival held in Budapest, Hungary. The lineup for this version of the band was Bob Cross, Mike Billington, Anne Cross and Paul Hickman. Rebec also did many TV and radio appearances.

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1. Prophet’s Concern
2. Fructus Vitae
3. N’ere will my affections die
4. Captain’s Tally
5. Lady Lonsdale’s Lament
6. Must this depart?
7. Lament for a season
8. Youth have pride
9. Life’s Game
10. Fair Guest
11. If we could our virtues share
12. Kindness my foe