Talking Elephant

Bad Dreams

Bad Dreams came out in 1976 on vynal but this is THE FIRST EVER RELEASE ON CD. The album achieved critical acclaim and the band continued recording and playing for two years after Bad Dreams.

Certain tracks became standards in the live set from Bad Dreams including “Give me a chance” and “Call it a night”.

The Amazing Blondel due to continual touring in the seventies became established in the British live scene with a large fan base and became one of the underground “cult” bands. Their zany and unique sound and performance live appealed across the folk scene and since this album has never been released on CD it will be sought out by all Amazing Blondel and folk fans alike.

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01. Give Me A Chance
02. Big Boy
03. One Bad Dream
04. Until I See You Again
05. It’s Got To Be a Girl
06. I’ll Go The Way I Came
07. Wait For The Day
08. Liberty Belle*
09. The Man That I Am
10. Call It A Night