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California To Kawasaki

Classic Rock leaderrs Wishbone Ash have been hitting the tarmac for ove 50 years now and with the success of their latest album Coat of Arms we are pleased to release the second in the highly successful Roadworks Live series.

With their new guitarist Mark Abrahams now fully versed with the Wishbone ways we have pick up from Roadworks left off and featuring two wonderful concerts from 2018 & 2019. CD 1 live from Sacramento, California USA and CD 2 from the bands Japanese tour in Kawasaki.

The band are back on the road this October with their Phoenix Rising Tour And this release is by way of welcoming them back to the World.

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1. Bona Fide
2. Eyes Wide Open
3. Way Down South
4. The King Will Come
5. Warrior
6. Throw Down The Sword
7. Leaf & Stream
8. Wings Of Desire
9. Standing In The Rain
10. Phoenix
11. Faith, Hope And Love
12. Prelude
13. Real Guitars Have Wings
14. Come In From The Rain
15. Front Page News
16. F.U.B.B.
17. Living Proof
18. Runaway
19. Lifeline
20. Sometime World
21. Errors Of My Way
22. Why Don’t We
23. Persephone
24. Blind Eye