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Candles In The Rain

Candles in the Rain is singer Melanie’s third album, released in 1970. The album produced Melanie’s first Top Ten single in North America, “Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)”, which was inspired by the crowd’s reaction to her performance at Woodstock. The cover of The Rolling Stones’ 1967 song “Ruby Tuesday” reached the Top Ten in the United Kingdom.

This release includes 2 Bonus Tracks

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1. Candles In The Rain
2. Lay Down (Candle In The RAin)
3. Carolina In My Mind
4. Citiest People
5. What Have They Done To My Song, Ma
6. Alexander Beetle
7. Good Guys
8. Lovin’ Baby Girl
9. Ruby Tuesday
10. Lefover Wine
11. Almost Like Being In Love
12. Dream Seller