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Captured: The Albions Who Nearly Got Away 1991-1992

This is a set of rare and seldom heard songs from a seminal folk act. Only ever released for a limited period by HTD Records back in the 90’s. Interesting personell line-up(Phil Beer/Julie Mathews/John Hinchcliff/Simon Care/Ashley Hutchings.

Having been deleted for some ten years,originally released on HTD Records in 1994,this album still remains one of those small gems in the history of The Albion Band.

Between the release of The Albion Bands’ albums “1990” and their 1993 “Acousticity” there were no new studio recordings.

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1. Ball,Anchor and Chain
2. Yellow Dress
3. Horseshoe Hornpipe; Chasing the Jack
4. The Party’s Over
5. Adam and Eve
6. Nameless Kind of Hell
7. Fossie Shuffle
8. Go North
9. Chapel Keithack; House In The Country
10. Up The Crooked Spire
11. Set Their Mouths To Twisting
12. Hanging Tree
13. Fireman’s Song