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Christmas Wreath Radio Mix

The recent release of Ashley Hutchings’ (Fairport Convention/Steeleye Span/Albion Band) seasonal offering ‘Midwinter Miscellany’ by Talking Elephant Records has been attracting great reviews, plenty of radio play and inclusion in a top five seasonal albums feature. Rarely do folk artists release singles but Hutchings, famed as the founding father of British folk, saw the potential for one track in particular to be given the ‘folk rock treatment’.

The new arrangement of the Hutchings’ Dunlop track ‘Christmas Wreath’ is made available here. ‘Produced by Blair Dunlop and featuring Fred Claridge on drums and JJ Stoney on keyboards, the song loses none of its serious message of the birth of Christ but adds a flourish of celebration for everyone to join in.

Ashley Hutchings, who in a normal year, would be heading out on the road for the annual Albion Christmas Band tour, is delighted with the new arrangement. ‘We always include a couple of songs in our set inviting audience participation, this song invites people to join in even if remotely’

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