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Circus is the sixth studio album of Argent, released in 1975 by Epic. It was the first after the departure of founding member/lead vocalist/guitarist Russ Ballard. New lead vocalist John Verity was added at the recommendation of Ballard (Verity's band had supported Argent during their previous tour and had impressed Ballard).

The album was recorded during an intense session after the new line up of the band workshopped and practiced the material written largely by Rod Argent (bassist Jim Rodford wrote “Trapeze”). Prior to this album Argent had been working with his songwriting collaborator Chris White (the duo had written songs together and separately in The Zombies) on material for the band. The band quickly followed up with a second album Counterpoints the same year (1975) for RCA Records which has yet to be officially released on CD or in digital form.

The album is a concept album using the circus as a metaphor for life.

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1. Circus
2. Highwire
3. Clown
4. Trapeze
5. Shine On Sunshine
6. The Ring
7. The Jester