Talking Elephant


Yes Jon Anderson hits the South American Coast. Jon Anderson’s voice immersed in South American music with the rich and vibrant tones of Deseo providing a strikingly fresh setting for the singer. Augmented by well-known artists from across South and Latin America flavor with stellar cameos from Maria Conchita Alonso, Boca Livre, Milton Nascimento, and many others. The songs, are warm and upbeat, mixing English, Portuguese, and Spanish vocals with propulsive percussion, acoustic guitars, bass, and synthesizers. The melodies are lovely and atmospheric, uncomplicated but evocative.

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1. Amor Real
2. A-De-O
3. Bridges
4. Seasons
5. Floresta
6. Café
7. This Child
8. Dança Do Ouro
9. Midnight Dancing
10. Deseo
11. Latino
12. Bless This