Talking Elephant

Distant Chatter

Matthews Southern Comfort founder member Iain Matthews and their lead guitarist BJ Baartmans teamed up over the Covid 19 lockdown to write ten songs that will be released in the form of the album ‘Distant Chatter’. Iain, of course, formed the original MSC after leaving Fairport Convention and has spent the next 50 years in the music business as a solo artist and in Plainsong and More Than A Song as well as other collaborations. Iain met BJ in 2003. A mutual respect for each other’s talents they have been playing and recording together ever since. Their new music is a collection of rootsy Americana songs with a gritty and colourful sound and ear catching hook lines. They embark on a UK Tour in February 2022, playing both old and new material.

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1. Sleepwalking
2. The Corner Of Sad And Lonely
3. Are You A Racist
4. Fourteen Months
5. I’ve Gone Missing
6. Writing Off The Blues
7. All That Glitters
8. Here’s Looking At You
9. Low In The Water
10. Is This It