Talking Elephant

Dream Kid

Sutherland Brothers 1973 classic is back.

The Sutherland brothers began their career in 1968 as A New Generation, having some success with the single “Smokie Blues Away” (which used a melody based on the main theme of Dvo New World Symphony), backed with “She's A Soldier Boy” on Spark. Subsequently with The Sutherland Brothers Band won a new recording contract with Island Records and put out an album in 1972. Their first single as The Sutherland Brothers Band was a minor hit, “The Pie”, in January 1972

The Sutherland Brothers originally performed as a folk / rock duo in the field of British music in the early 1970's, and then from 1973 to 1978 joined with rock band Quiver to record and tour as Sutherland Brothers & Quiver where they had their biggest hit with “Arms of Mary”.

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1. You and Me
2. I Hear Thunder
3. Flying down to Rio
4. Seagull; Lonely Love
5. Champian the Underdog
6. Bluesy World
7. Bad Loser
8. Dream Kid
9. Maker
10. Rollin’ Away; Rocky Road; Saved by the Angel
11. Silver Sister
12. Don’t Mess Up