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Earl O’Moray

Five Hand Reel was a Scottish/English/Irish Celtic rock band of the late 1970s that combined experiences of traditional Scottish and Irish folk music with electric rock arrangements. Members: Dick Gaughan, Bobby Eaglesham, Tom Hickland, Barry Lyons, Dave Tulloch and later Sam Bracken.

In 1978, Five Hand Reel's third album, Earl O'Moray, was recorded in Rockfield Studios in Monmouth, Wales and produced by Simon Nicol of Fairport Convention. It was rather different from the two previous LPs: a darker sounding, more seriously minded album with a rich passionate undercurrent. Creatively speaking, it was probably their finest album.

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1. My Love Is Like A Red Rose
2. Sheriffmuir
3. Child On The Road
4. The Bonny Earl O’moray
5. The Trooper And The Maid
6. The Beef-Can Close
7. Jackson And Jane
8. Freedom Come-all-ye