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Fires Of Eden

Judy Collins at her best! Singer Judy Collins was, along with Joan Baez, one of the two major interpretive singers to emerge from the folk revival of the late '50s and early '60s. Like Baez, she began singing traditional folk songs, then moved on to popularize the work of contemporary singer/songwriters, even writing her own songs occasionally.

'Fires of Eden' originally released in 1990 marked Judy Collins' debut on Columbia Records, and she seemed to rise to the occasion with her best overall body of new material in more than a decade. The opening cut, “The Blizzard,” a seven-minute epic that rates alongside any of Collins' most beautiful work from her classic years on Elektra.. Her version of the Hollies classic “The Air That I Breathe” is featured here along with Julie Gold's classic “From A Distance”.

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1. The Blizzard
2. Fortune of Soldiers
3. Test of Time
4. Fires of Eden
5. Hone Before Dark
6. That Air That I Breath
7. City of Cities
8. Dreaming
9. Queen of the Night
10. From a Distance
11. The Blizzard Reprise