Talking Elephant

Folks At Home

A compilation of performers who contributed to the world’s first online folk festival. 

The tracks on this album were donated by the artists for the Folks At Home project, the world’s first online folk festival built to assist folk musicians in financial need due to the Coronavirus of 2020.

All profits from this album go to the artists who contributed.


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1. Old Boy – Jerry Donahue & Doug Morter
2. John Condon — Janet Dowd
3. The Princess Royal Dance – English Acoustic Orchestra
4. Ginger Rogers – Richard Digance
5. Shepherd’s Hey/Orange in Bloom/The Quaker – Ashley Hutchings Morris On
6. She’s The One – Eric Sedge
7. Ancora Jig – Tom Leary & Kevin Dempsey
8. Pachelbel’s Canon – Matt Black
9. Next To Me – Tony Hiscock
10. Excerpt from An Hour With Cecil Sharp & Ashley Hutchings
11. Woodstock Revisited – David Newman
12. Jack the Highwayman – Pisces
13. Landscape – Ric Sanders & Tom Leary
14. Plenty More Fish in the Sea – The Broadside Boys
15. Jude’s Lullaby – Claire Sullivan