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Glastonbury Psychfest 2022

One of the originators of the acid-house rave revolution, and major player in the trance scene across The UK and Europe. Early appearances include many Techno and underground parties at venues and clubs such as Megatripolis, Escape from Samsara, Whirl-Y-Gig, Return to The Source, and the Shamen’s Synergy raves. Astralasia have appeared at Womad, Glastonbury and Phoenix Festivals.

The album was recorded live at the Glastonbury Psychfest in 2022The album features performances from band members including Pete Pracownik with slide/atmospheric guitar; Paul Chousmer plays melodious keys All woven together as if by magic by producer Swordfish.

Astralasia intro theme
Platform 6
Seven pointed star
Salvation road

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