Talking Elephant

Gone Missing

Ashley Hutchings’ By Gloucester Docks I Sat Down and Wept was originally recorded in 1987 and only a limited number of copies were produced. To mark Ashley’s award of a Gold Badge by the EFDSS in December 2013, Talking Elephant re-issued this classic album, which has become known as one of Ashleys best works.

The list of musicians on the album reads like a who’s who of folk rock – Ashley is joined by Polly Bolton on lead vocals, Christine Collister, Pete Zorn, Phil Beer, Dave Mattacks and Steve Ashley, to name but a few. As well as the classic folk rock sound, you will also hear some country and jazz influences.

The album tells the unfolding story of a love affair. As a concept album, of course it works best when listened to as a whole, but the songs stand up in their own right. The haunting prologue, I Dreamed a Dream, sung by Christine Collister, is followed by Ring on Her Finger which certainly fits into this category.

2018 and Paradise and Thorns was released, an album that revisited By Glouster Docks and some 30 years later finishes the story of love.

2019 and Gone Missing is released as a specially priced companion CD to enhance both other releases. With Influences, Out-Takes and Rarities this release will be a must for all who purchased the previous albums

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Disc One

1. Seneca Two-step
2. I Only Wanna Dance With You
3. Welsh Girls
4. Loving In Truth
5. Kitty And Flower Symbolism
6. As You Like It
7. To Ireland I Made My Way
8. Jubilate Agno/My Cat Jeffry
9. Those Broad Shoulders
10. I Never Was In Love With Death Before
11. Brief Encounter
12. Brief Encounters
13. That’s Not My Kind Of Love
14. Ballad In Plain D
15. Ninety Miles An Hour Down A Dead-end Street
16. Love Is Beautiful With You
17. We Lie
18. The Broken Heart/The Triple Fool
19. You Simply Declare Your Love
20. Girl From The North Country
21. Autumn Journal
22. Young Love On The Dance Floor