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Hard Works (2CD)

A 2CD set from 2008 containing a pair of albums from singer/songwriter and member of Show Of Hands, Phil Beer. Includes 1994’s “Hard Hats” and 1989’s “The Works”. This period was during the time when Phil was touring with The Rolling Stones and near the beginnings of Show Of Hands. Thus, this was a great time for Phil and the music reflects this. It reflects the work of a truly talented multi-instrumentalist in depth and gravity and also highlights the more quirky, light nature of his music.

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1. Fireman’s Song
2. Blind Fiffler
3. Cance
4. This Year
5. This Far
6. Hard Hats
7. Blinded By Love
8. She Could Laugh
9. More
10. Think It Over
11. Fireman’s Song


1. General Ward/Tobins/The Starling
2. Swannee River
3. Staten Island/Soldiers Joy
4. Haste to the Wedding/The Mohawk/The Cap Sieun
5. Thomas Morris/Chasing the Jack
6. Michael Turner’s Waltz
7. Gypsy Moth
8. Jig Banish Misfortune
9. Lost in Space/Altan/Teatotalers
10. Flash Company
11. Jenny On the Shore/The Bull
12. Rocky Road to Mylor