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Heads Are Rolling

City Boy were a successful English rock band in the late 1970s, characterised by complex vocal arrangements and heavy guitars. The band consisted of Lol Mason (lead vocals), Steve Broughton (guitar, lead vocals), Max Thomas (keyboards, guitar), Chris Dunn (bass, guitar), Roger Kent (drums), Mike Slamer (guitar, bass), and Roy Ward (drums, vocals).

City Boy released Heads Are Rolling as a quartet in 1980. The soft rock track “Speechless” made the band briefly popular in the Philippines.

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1. Mr Shoes
2. Heads Are Rolling
3. Need A Little Loving
4. Change In The Weather
5. Domino
6. Speechless
7. Bloody Sunday
8. The Sound Of The Bell
9. You’re Leaving Me
10. Heaven For The Holidays
11. Life On The Balcony