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“Hey, Where’s Your Brother?”

“Hey, where’s your brother?” was originally released in 1992, this new release features one bonus track “Illustrated Man”

On the classic 1972 live album Roadwork, Edgar Winter immortalized the words, when introducing brother Johnny: “Everybody asks me…where’s your brother?” It’s a question that fans have besieged both Winters with for over two decades, and now Johnny gets a chance to return the tribute with his 1992 release here. Edgar does in fact guest on the sessions, blowing sax and tinkling keys on a few tracks, and dueting with big bro’ on a superb, seasonal rendition of “Please Come Home for Christmas.”

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1. Johnny Guitar
2. She Likes To Boogie Real Low
3. White Line Blues
4. Please Come Home For Christmas
5. Hard Way
6. You Must Have A Twin
7. You Keep Saying’ That You’re Leavin’
8. Treat Me Like You Wanta
9. Sick And Tired
10. Blues This Bad
11. No More Doggin’
12. Check Out Her Mama
13. Got My Brand On You
14. One Step Forward (Two Steps Back)