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I’m A Bluesman

His first album of new material in almost eight years in 2004 was certainly very much in the straightforward blues-rock mold, emphasis on the “blues” over “rock.” The songs here are a mixture of originals, contributions from past and present sidemen. A fantastic collection of good-natured blues-rock, and the acoustic “That Wouldn’t Satisfy” that provides inspired moments. Winter’s slide guitar on this track is simply superb.

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1. I’m A Bluesman
2. Cheatin’ Blues
3. I Smell Smoke
4. Lone Wolf
5. So Much Love
6. The Monkey Song
7. Shake Down
8. Sweet Little Baby
9. Pack Your Bags
10. Last Night
11. That Wouldn’t Satisfy
12. Sugar Coated Love
13. Let’s Start All Over Again