Talking Elephant

In Concert

Magna Carta’s finest moments caught live in Amsterdam 1971.

Magna Carta have been delighting lovers of music with their live performances and albums since 1969. Over the years, they have performed in over 60 countries, sold over 8,000,000 records worldwide, and have six gold and three silver albums to their name.

Arguably one of the greatest acoustic acts in the world, they have transcended the fluctuating fortunes of the music business to remain a superb concert and recording act, surviving for an astounding thirty five years.

This album is a fine example of how good the band were, capturing the essence of their music from 1971 in Carre Amsterdam.

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1. Airport Song
2. Time for the Leaving
3. The Boatman
4. Sea and Sand
5. Banjo
6. Old John Parker
7. Seven O’clock Hymn Midwinter
8. Country Jam
9. Ring of Stones