Talking Elephant

In Port

Born into a lower-deck Royal Navy family, he served in a variety of craft, but mainly submarines. His role as a folk-singer evolved out of his activities as a scriptwriter and performer in Naval entertainments. Having come to the attention of the BBC in 1957, two years later he became the only regular serviceman to have his own fully networked TV programme.

15 Original Tawney songs focusing on the sea fill up this album. Many of his best-known appear on this album, including “Sally Free and Easy,” “The Grey Funnel Line,” and “The Ballad of Sammy’s Bar.”11.98

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1. Sally Free and Easy
2. A Lean and Unwashed Tiffy
3. The Ballad of Sammy’s Bar
4. Stanley the Rat
5. Diesel and Shale
6. My Mother Came from Norway
7. Six Feet of Mud
8. In the Sidings
9. Five Foot Flirt
10. On a Monday Morning
11. Nobby Hall
12. Cheering the Queen
13. New names for Old
14. Chicken on a Raft
15. The Grey Funnel Line