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Is it safe out there?

Paxton & Morris are husband and wife duo Maggie Kenny and Drew Wegg.

During lockdown we decided to make a CD to help with booking gigs after the pandemic, and spoke to a friend, Joe Broughton of the Urban Folk Quartet. He was, like so many musicians, facing a huge drop in income with gigs cancelled etc., so had time to spare for once and he agreed to help.

After listening to the first demo tracks, Joe felt that we had some great ideas, and it would be interesting to turn it into a complete album with some of his friends as guest musicians. We were keen to help out with some extra income and could see this was an opportunity few get, so we grabbed it with both hands.

The result was ‘is it safe out there?’, an album of 11 of their favorite songs Also appearing on the album are our friends Kevin Dempsey, Joe and the Urban Folk Quartet and our long term collaborator, John Wallace.

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1. The Devil’s Right Hand
2. 4I Cannot Keep From Cryin’ Sometimes
3. Crow On The Cradle
4. The Ballad of Henry Lee
5. Silkie Lullaby
6. Silver Dagger
7. Crazy Man Michael
8. Reunion Hill
9. Senor (Tales of Yankee Power)
10. Nutshell
11. Next Best Western