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Jab In Yore Eye

Sharks were a British rock band, formed in November 1972, by the ex-Free bass player, Andy Fraser, upon his departure from Free and guitarist Chris Spedding (Motor Bikin’ fame) . They were signed to Island Records, and were rated by critics, especially for Chris Spedding’s guitar work. Here, although Andy Fraser left the band, Chris Spedding leads the way to the second album release.

This is the second of three albums recorded by the band and considered to be one of their best work. This follows the re-issue of their first album on Talking Elephant last month.

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1. Just Like A Fever
2. Baby Shine A Light
3. Sun Beat Down
4. Rain Or Shine
5. Kung Fu
6. Sophistication
7. Surrender
8. Cocaine Blues
9. Revolution Of The Heart