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Lark Rise Revisited

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1. Brighton Camp
2. Bonny Labouring Boy
3. Lark Rise (Alf’s Tune) Incorporating ‘All Around From Every Quarter…’ From The Book
4. ‘Most Of The Men Sang Or Whistled…’ From The Book
5. Poor Old Soldier
6. Queenie’s Bees
7. Two Morris Dance Tunes
8. Bad News Is All The Wind Can Carry
9. ‘The Day Came When The Doctor Called In The Relieving Officer…’ From The Book
10. John Barleycorn
11. ‘Til The Time We Meet Again
12. ‘The Procession Stepped Out Briskly…’ From The Book
13. May Song
14. ‘Before His Arrival There Had Been No Musical Instrument Of Any Kind…’ From The Book
15. I Have A Bonnet Trimmed With Blue/In And Out The Window
16. Cover Of The Lark Rise To Candleford Theme Tune From The BBC TV Series.
17. ‘The White Tails Of Rabbits Bobbed…’ From The Book
18. Laura’s Song