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Living On A Little Blue Dot

Released April 30th – pre-order now

Jan Schelhaas, whose playing and writing has graced both Caravan and Camel over the years. with such pieces as “Captured” and “Hymn to Her” for Camel.

‘Living On A Little Blue Dot’ is Jan’s second solo album and features guest appearances from Caravan members Doug Boyle, Pye Hasting, Geoffrey Richardson, Mark Walker and Jimmy Hastings. And from Camel guest appearence from Andy Latimer who also features on the two bonus tracks included in the package. Following in the tradition of the Canterbury sound,the album is certain to appeal to fans of Caravan and Camel.

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1. Stars On Fire
2. Living On A Little Blue Dot
3. In Her Mind
4. When The Sun Comes In
5. Makin’ Babies
6. Someone
7. The Last Time
8. The Gypsy’s Comin’ Home
9. If Not
10. Armageddon
11. Rock And Roll Sun