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Man Of Honour

The non-maritine songs show a wealth of talent from the West country's most loved artist.

Although most known for his nautical songs Cyril recorded a wealth of music outside of this.All fourteen tracks feature Cyril's unmistakable West-country-tinged vocals backed by his almost distinctive nylon-strung acoustic guitar. With guests Chris While on vocals and Joe While on keyboard, “Bitter Sweet Bed” is a jewel beyond price.

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1. Man Of Honour
2. Five Foot Flirt
3. In The Sidings
4. Beacon Park
5. On A Monday Morning
6. There Are No Lights On Our Christmas Tree
7. Bitter Sweet Bed
8. Vanity
9. Tamar Valley Requiem
10. West Yorkshire Lullaby
11. Plymouth Lament
12. My Mother Came From Norway
13. New Names For Old
14. If We Did To Their Daughters