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My Land Is Your Land

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This intellectual and musical collaboration between Ashley Hutchings – formerly of Fairport Convention and Ernesto De Pascale – an Italian musician, producer and broadcaster – is a concept album celebrating English & Italian cultures in music and words. There’s a range of vocalists, musicians and archive recordings in its tapestry of modern folk-rock.

This project has been several years in gestation. It also has two lead vocalists, one British and one Italian, which eases us into a cross-cultural musical collaboration.

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1. A Patch Of Earth
2. Cafe Culture
3. The Call Of Yesterday
4. No Juliet Dreaming
5. Come And Buy/Street Seller Dance
6. Working Underground
7. The Lion Of Highbury
8. The Old Masters
9. New Italian Shoes
10. The Song Of Two Bridges
11. Come Join Together
12. Hare’s Breadth
13. Ten Miles Going There And Ten Miles Coming Back
14. You Are What You Eat
15. Family Ties