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Navy Cuts – The Songs Of Cyril Tawney

This Collection Of Maritime Songs Showing A Wealth Of Talent From Cyril Tawney, The West Country’s Most Loved Artist.

Cyril was most known for his nautical songs and here is a collection of 16 of his most remembered works.

It features Cyril’s unmistakable West-country-tinged vocals backed by his almost distinctive nylon-strung acoustic guitar.

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1. Chicken On A Raft
2. On A Monday Morning
3. Five Foot Flirt
4. The Suit Of Grey
5. Lean And Unwashed Tiffy
6. Sally Free And Easy
7. Stanley The Rat
8. The Oggie Man
9. Nobby Hall
10. Sammy’s Bar
11. Diesel And Shale
12. Six Feet Of Mud
13. Grey Funnel Line
14. Cheering The Queen
15. The Drunken Sailor
16. Reunion