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Ninety-nine Impressions

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Ashley Hutchings, the man behind Fairport Convention, Steeleye Span, The Albion Band, among many other guises and also known in the folk world as The Guv’nor releases a very different album of spoken word along with music by Blair Dunlop, Jacob Stoney and guests Ruth Angel and Sid Peacock.

This will be the man’s 99th album release and will prove to be something to remember.


A selection of poems and poetic prose, acoustically accompanied.

In short, it is an audio anthology, but its also a creative mosaic of cogent quotes and apposite well-expressed observations, an audio version of that fascinating verse form, the cento. Poetry and prose, script and transcript are significantly threaded alongside his own writing: an accomplished poet himself.

Blair Dunlop and Jacob Stoney provide background. The range of styles is impressive, embracing jazz, classical, rock, traditional, and even musique concrete. What Blair and Jacob and the other guests, Sid Peacock and Ruth Angell contribute is neither accompaniment nor setting but rather a musical context like the occasional fragments of archive, ambient audio which haunt some of the readings – Nigel Schofield

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1. A Beautiful Mistake
2. Prologue/ Coming In To Land
3. Contrary As Trees / When My Son Is Grown
4. Guns And Roses
5. Move Over Oscar
6. With One Eye / The Sun Is God / With The Other
7. Four Tattoo Sonnets / 1987, 1994,1999, 2020
8. Man’s Nobliest Frailty
9. Half Saints, Half Rascals
10. Interlude / Earendel
11. The Coast Of Nowhere / Copper, Russet And Gold
12. The Riot Of Spring
13. Hackney Marshes
14. It Is Not For The Want Of Will
15. Ice Cream / The Show Goes On
16. Fleas