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No Secrets (Book)

Revealed through rare and unseen photographs and in their own words (with award-winning journalist Alexis Bowater), plus an introduction to their story by Elizabeth Kinder (fRoots), this deluxe, collectable coffee-table book designed by Stylorouge is presented in a beautiful rigid hardboard slipcase. Steve Knightley and Phil Beer are held up as icons for their pioneering and audacious approach to the music business. They consistently receive excellent reviews extolling Knightleys searing ability to nail social and political issues with wit and humour – and to bring narratives vividly to life with gorgeous melodies and sing-along choruses and Beers perfect musical virtuosity across their 29-album career, yet the duo have remained under the mainstream radar. Show of Hands has become a grass-roots phenomenon, with a loyal and ever-expanding fan base of tens of thousands, sell out gigs at the Royal Albert Hall and several award-winning albums. Their beautiful songs, rmly rooted in local tradition receive standing ovations as they tour across the globe. This in-depth exceptional book weaves the voices telling their remarkable tale.

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