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O.K. Ken?

O.K. Ken? was UK Brit Blues band Chicken Shack’s most popular album, making the British Top Ten. It’s the second album by the famed Blues band, released in 1969. The British ensemble offers a solid set of Blues-influenced Rock, noteworthy for Stan Webb’s Freddie King-inspired guitar playing and Christine Perfect’s vocals.

Better known as the future Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac, this album was Christine Perfect’s last album as a member of Chicken Shack. Perfect left the band in 1969 when she married John McVie of Fleetwood Mac.

This release contains two bonus tracks.

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1. Baby’s Got Me Crying
2. The Right Way Is My Way
3. Get Like You Used To Be
4. Pony And Trap
5. Tell Me
6. A Woman Is The Blues
7. I Wanna See My Baby
8. Remington Ride
9. Fishing In Your River
10. Mean Old World
11. Sweet Sixteen
12. Tears In The Wind
13. I’d Rather Go Blind