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Oak Ash And Thorn

A collection of songs from the “Puck” stories by Rudyard Kipling, set and performed in the traditional idiom by Peter Bellamy (one of the original members of the Young Tradition who went on to a successful solo career before tragically taking his own life in September 1991).

Among his most famous were his connections with Rudyard Kipling.
Bellamy started his exploration of Kipling as a source for songs, from Kipling’s Children’s books, (Puck of Pooks Hill and Rewards and Fairies) from which he produced two albums, “Oak Ash and Thorn” and “Merlyn’s Isle of Gramarye”.

Talking Elephant are proud to be re-releasing both of these albums in all of their finery.

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1. Frankie’s Trade
2. Poor Honest Men
3. Cold Iron
4. Sir Richard’s Song
5. The Looking Glass
6. Oak, Ash & Thorn (A Tree Song)
7. King Henry VII and the Shipwrights
8. The Brookland Road
9. A Three Part Song
10. The Ballad of Minepit Shaw
11. Our Fathers of Old
12. Philadelphia