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Maartin Allcock was a multi-instrumentalist who performed for 11 years with Fairport Convention and four with Jethro Tull and featured on many of their studio albums. More recently he played and recorded with Yusuf Islam ( Cat Stevens).

Sadly Maartin died just 5 weeks after appearing at the Annual Fairport Festival in 2018. OX15 was the second, and probably the biggest of his solo albums. Featuring guests such as Chris Leslie and Gerry Conway from Fairport and Ian Anderson and Clive Bunker from Tull.

Talking Elephant are so pleased to have this wonderful classic album from MAart and in its release may we keep the memory of him flowing.

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1. Daichovo Chara
2. Whenever We See The Dark
3. Crash Polka
4. Watermarks
5. Chimes At Midnight
6. Jessica & The Wind That Shakes The Barley
7. Untitled
8. Simple
9. Bean A’Ti Ar Lar
10. Sand Dancer
11. A Dream
12. Elementary